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to bring more features......

4G LTE Version is coming

4G LTE Version is coming

4G LTE Version is comingOne more channel to secure you and your family. Why do I need 4G/LTE? 1. In the event of...

Nova Pro is on Apple Watch

Nova Pro is on Apple Watch

Nova Pro is on Apple WatchNova Pro is on Apple Watch now! After a few months of research and coding, our R&D team...

1 second to respond

1 second to respond

1 second to respondAs we all may have experienced, “No Response” of either a mobile application or an electronic...

Developed By DinsafeR

From sketch to batch production, DinsafeR takes over all the processes, even including cloud software development of IoT system, for better user experience.

More Features

  • Fast Bluetooth Pairing within 1min
  • Updatable Firmware
  • Ready to Arm
  • RF Supervision
  • Exit Delay
  • Entry Delay
  • Multi-Devices Management
  • User Grading Management
  • Passcode Lock for App
  • Smart Bulb & Plug supported
  • Low Battery Push Notification
  • Customized Light & Sound for Siren
  • 1000 Meters Coverage
  • Realtime Video/Smart Camera
  • System Time Synchronizing
  • Anti-Jamming
  • Duress Alarm
  • Optional 4G LTE
  • Pet-immune PIR/Motion Detector
  • Pre-paired for Kit, QR Code for Pairing
  • 3-level Authorization
  • In-App Feedback
  • Timed Tasks
  • Smart Following
  • CMS Connectivity
  • OTA updates
  • “Partial Arm” via Home mode

To be continued...

" A warm recommendation: We have now installed this alarm system in our home and must say that it has become a lot easier with this alarm system than the previous. The included devices are already connected and the extra ones are easily added via scanning a QR code on the device. Operationally it is perfectly clear to run it all through the app and the system works impeccably. Price is affordable. We highly recommend this alarm system if you want a private alarm system without a subscription. "

" A perfect system: super easy installation.. I bought the villa package and then the indoor camera and extra sirens, everything works perfectly with the app and you can edit a lot, eg silence the siren in the smartbox and buy extra sirens. Tested dozens of times and everything as it should, the camera is perfect where you can record a whole day-week in memory card and then play it again via the app and save in the mobile movie or photo.. the best thing about the alarm is you can put several components and I’ll do that.. "

" Great product and ‘awesome’ service: I have purchased and setup this product almost a month back. It is easy to setup, and works as it promises. I have never experienced any false alarms. The delivery was fast as claimed. Before and after sales service is wonderful. I will not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone. "

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