Simple smart alarm system
secures you and your family

DIY Wireless Smart Alarm System

4G LTE + WiFi + LAN + GSM

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For Family

Deters burglars, flooding, recognizes fire, to bring you and your family peace of mind.


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Totally DIY, Bluetooth pairing within 1min; globally control via your phone at anytime.

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1000m long range coverage; support 4G LTE, RF supervision, CMS, etc.

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Military-grade encrypted communication with low latency.

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Unlimited smart camera, plug, bulb; support timed task, smart following. 

Developed By DinsafeR

From sketch to batch production, DinsafeR takes over all the processes, even including cloud software development of IoT system, for better user experience.


We focus on how to bring the complex security system to normal daily scenes. We think a strong and powerful system could also be an easy-using system. It must be easy to learn and use, and be stable and powerful to protect your family all the time.

All-in-one Solution

Thanks to the dedication of our own software and cloud developing team, we are able to develop the word-class alarm system with our PATENTED internet technology. After hundreds of updates, the system has been proven in the markets for years with high reputation. 


We know security system has its own localized differences. So it is welcomed to have the OEM or ODM projects. Our engineers would support to realize the requirements including hardwares and softwares. Kindly contact [email protected] for more details.

We worry More, so you can worry Less.

Updates via OTA

OTA firmware updates allow the alarm system to evolve with more and more features and compatible devices to the system.
There is no best, only safer, and better.

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Ready to Arm

Secure your windows and doors with advanced feature: pop up to remind you the unclosed Door& Window when you Arm/ Home Arm the system; force Arm by Remote Control, Keypad or RFID tag with push notification.

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RF Supervision

Also called as accessory monitoring, to remind you in case of any malfunction of accessory due to environment change. The real-time status of accessory can also be checked in the APP, such as signal, battery, tamper status, etc.

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1000M Coverage

With DinsafeR™ patented technology of RF optimization, the maximum communication range of 1,000 meters between a single panel and accessories is enough to cover up to 3 million m² and protect apartments, homes, and offices.

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This feature allows you to have an access to Central Monitor Station in the event that the system is triggered, hence, the security company can organize monitoring the facility.
More protections, more secure.

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Optional 4G LTE Cellular, 7*24 monitoring. Make you worry-free in case of power cut or WiFi failure. In the event of WiFi failure or power failure, the SIM card will start to work to provide internet connect to the alarm system with backup battery.

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Wireless Cameras

The smart cameras are deeply integrated with DinsafeR smart alarm system, to immediately alert users with instant image and video when alarm is being triggered.

Only a tap

The app turns your security system into one easy-to-manage device. Arm or Disarm the system with a few taps. Switch on appliances before you get home via Timed Task. Get instant notifications wherever you are at any time.

Intuitive User Interface

Low Latency between panel and could server

Globally Control wherever you are

Instant alerts with 3 kinds of push notifications

Real-time monitoring of device status 

What the end users are saying

" This alarm system is excellent, with features that are easy to add on, if necessary. Very easy and intuitive setup. Home mode allows for partial arming to accommodate differing levels of security. App tells you status of your house security no matter where you are in the world. Remote arm/disarm.  Cell phone alarms when there is a breach. Motion sensors do not go off due to pets, but will with humans. "

-By Rajat Mehta

" A warm recommendation: We have now installed this alarm system in our home and must say that it has become a lot easier with this alarm system than the previous. The included devices are already connected and the extra ones are easily added via scanning a QR code on the device. Operationally it is perfectly clear to run it all through the app and the system works impeccably. We highly recommend this alarm system if you want a private alarm system without a subscription. "

-By Erik June

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