Android Pie Compatibility

If you have upgraded your phone’s operating system to Android 9.0 version ( also called Pie), you might notice some intermittent problems with your internet connection. This update is also what might cause the issue when you try to setup your Nova Hub on an Android Pie phone. 

Fortunately, solving this problem is easy. 

1. Open your Settings app on your phone, then tap “Wi-Fi & Internet”. 

2. Select “Wi-Fi”, then tap “Wi-Fi preferences”. 

3. Make sure to Turn off Wi-Fi automatically.

4. Turn on your Nova app, continue to setup.

5. When you see a notification saying “Wi-Fi network does not have Internet access”, remember select “YES” to stay connected.

6. Continue the rest of procedure until the Nova Hub is completely setup.

Need more information regarding this upgrade, please contact your corresponding sales representative.