Bluetooth Pairing

Nowadays, connecting a wireless device to the WiFi, especially if it relies on an APP to  do so, has been confusing and become a nuisance even. 

With Bluetooth Fast Paring, things can be very straightforward.

What is Bluetooth Fast Pairing?

It is a function aim to provide an easier and more efficient way for users to pair the Nova Pro panels to their mobile phone APP, without any setup of WiFi hotspot during the process. Essentially, it allows the app to transfer the WiFi settings (SSID and Password) to the NovaPro panel, which enables the panel to connect to the WiFi Internet.

This recently introduced feature is widely adopted by Google, Amazon and other tech giants and we are now proud to offer it to the market aiming to provide better user experience when enchanted with our NovaPro system.

How does the Bluetooth Fast Pairing work on NovaPro system?

When first setup your Nova Pro system, make sure turn on the Bluetooth function on your mobile phone, and then follow the instruction below:

1. Open“Nova Pro” APP on your mobile phone.

2. Place the panel close to your mobile phone.

3. Choose to “Add a new device" on your APP.

4. Select “Quick Setup”.

5. The APP will start to scan for the panel.

6. Select the panel discovered and connect it to the WiFi.


1. If no panel is discovered by the APP, press the button on the back of panel to activate its Bluetooth, and try it again.

2. It is recommended to pair one panel at a time to avoid any interference that might cause the pairing  failure.

For more details for this new feature, please contact:[email protected], we will be happy to answer any question you may have.